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Not Making Any Progress With The Search Engines? Find Out Why Your SEO May Suck

Since Google’s latest algorithm update, businesses have had to make many changes to their SEO – changing the face of SEO as we know it (see – UK SEO ). Generally, many businesses have learnt that they have to up the ante on their SEO to ensure that their website is enjoying a more natural link profile.

Despite this, not everybody has enjoyed success resulting from making changes to their SEO plan.

Should you be failing to get the results that you expected from your SEO campaign, then take a look at these 5 biggest SEO mistakes that you might be making.

1)You’re focusing too much on link-building, not content.

Rather than attract natural links and online traffic through high-quality, useful web content creation – too many people are relying on link-building and PPC (see – pay per click consultancy ) to boost their site’s rankings. Every website’s primary objective is always to drive profitable traffic in large quantities to their site.

The ultimate way to do this is focus on creating compelling and sharable content that others will want to link to naturally.

This will not only be applauded by Google, but will help drive more targeted traffic to your site.

2)Your content is rubbish.

This leads us on to the second big mistake that many people make – they fill their websites with rubbish content.

It’s original and high-quality content that can help a website to stand out. It’s when content is interesting and useful that people are more inclined to share and link to it.

If web content writing is not really your thing, then hire someone to do it for you.

3)You aren’t making use of a social media strategy.

In today’s age where communication is key, there isn’t any excuses for not integrating social media as part of your marketing strategy. Social media gives you the opportunity to develop a relationship with your target audience, putting you directly before those that are interested in your services or product.

Nonetheless, when you do use social media make sure you update your profiles frequently and with interesting posts.

4)You know little about marketing.

For your website to be its very best, you need to stop focusing all of your energies on link building, and instead get into the mind set of a ‘marketer’. This means researching your target audience thoroughly – using social media, looking at relevant blogs and joining in with conversations on related forums. A ‘marketing mind-set’ will help you make a website that better meets your consumers’ needs.

5)You’re worrying too much about Google!

Finally, people are spending far too much time fretting about Google’s next move! The penguin update was a big shock to a lot of people, however, worrying about any changes that Google may introduce again in the future will get you nowhere. Instead, it could be better to invest this time trying to be the best that you can be.

For help with your SEO, see – seoessex.co.uk .


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